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Middle-man scam : The story of a greedy customer.

“ Oga who you transfer to “ That was the voice of Austin, the dispatch rider that left for Lekki Peninsula about an hour ago from Ikeja Computer village to deliver a brand-new Apple iPhone. Okay let us pause there for a moment, what’s going on here, I think the customer is confused. What happened? At exactly 12 noon on a sunny Monday, an unknown customer chatted us through our business WhatsApp asking for the […]

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The Truth About refurbished Phones in nigeria

There is a big question that begs for an answer when it comes to purchasing a smartphone in Nigeria, especially when it comes to Used Phones from brands like iPhone, Samsung etc. The concern that often envelopes the minds of buyers is whether or not they would get an original phone instead of what is popularly called “Refurbished Phones” which is the essence of this short article, BUT LET ME SAY HERE THAT THIS ARTICLE IS […]

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Why you should buy iPhone 7 Plus.

This can be my own opinion but i believe Apple iPhone 7 Plus is the Best iPhone in the Mid-High-End Category in the iPhone Series from iPhone 6 to iPhone 11. Comparing iPhone 7 Plus with iPhone 8 Plus and iPhone X on www.gsmarena.com suggest to me that it is worth buying because it is affordable compared to higher ones and still stands on par with them in terms of Specifications. Let us check some few […]

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Price of london used INFINIX, ITEL & GIONEE phones in ikeja computer village, lagos

Prices are subject to review and Negotiation. Use the live chat. ROM/RAM PRICE INFINIX S4    32G/3G 38000 INFINIX S4   64G/3G 50000 INFINIX SMART 3    32G/2G 33000 INFINIX HOT 5     16G/1G 23000 INFINIX HOT 5    16G/2G 25000 INFINIX HOT 6      16G/1G 25000 INFINIX HOT 6      16G/2G 30000 INFINIX HOT 7    16G/1G 28000 INFINIX HOT 7    32G/2G 31000 INFINIX HOT 7 PRO    32G/2G 36000 INFINIX HOT 7 PRO      32G/2G 38000 INFINIX NOTE 3  16G/2G 28000 INFINIX NOTE […]

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Price of london used TECNO phones in ikeja computer village, lagos nigeria

Prices are subject to review and Negotiation. Use the live chat. ROM/RAM PRICE TECNO CAMON X   16G/3G 33000 TECNO CAMON X  32G/3G 35000 TECNO CAMON 11  32G/2G 36000 TECNO CAMON 11  64G/4G 43000 TECNO CAMON 11 PRO  64G/6G 48000 TECNO CAMON X Pro  64G/4G 43000 TECNO POUVOIR 2  Pro  32G/3G 35000 TECNO POUVOIR 3 Air  16G/1G 25000 TECNO POUVOIR 2  16G/2G 30000 TECNO POUVOIR 3  32G/2G 31000 TECNO CAMON CX Air  16G/2G 28000 TECNO PHANTOM […]

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