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Price of london used samsung phones in ikeja computer village, lagos


Fold 3 256gb 1sim
Fold 3 256gb 2sim
Fold 3 512gb 2sim
S22 ultra 256gb (1sim)
S22 256gb (dual sim)
S21 ultra 256gb 1 sim
S21 ultra 256gb 2 sim
S21plus 256gb (1 sim)
S21 256gb (1 sim)
S20 ultra 256gb (1 sim)
S20plus 256gb (1 sim)
S20 5G 128gb (1sim)
S10 5G 256gb (1 sim)
S10plus 128gb (1sim)
S10 128gb (1 sim)
S9plus 64gb (1sim)
S9 64gb (1 sim)
S8plus 64gb (1 sim)
S8 64gb (1 sim)
Note 9 128gb (1 sim)
Note 10 256gb (1 sim)
Note 10plus 256gb (1 sim)
Note 20 256gb (1sim)
Note 20 ultra 256gb
A82 128gb (1sim)
A53 128gb (1sim)
A71 128gb (1sim)
A90 128gb (1sim)
A80 128gb (1sim)
A9pro 128gb (A8s) 1sim
A51 128gb (1sim)
A42 128gb 1sim
A32 128gb 4G
A32 128gb 5G 1sim
A31 64gb 1sim
A23 128gb 1sim
A50 64gb 1sim
E42 128gb 1sim
A7 2018 64gb 1sim
A30 32gb 1sim
A20 32gb 1sim
A10e 32gb (1 sim)
A20e 32gb (1sim)
A12 32gb 1 sim

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