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Swap Phones


    Buying a new phone today does not come at a low cost. With newer phones coming out every so often, trading in your old smartphone can be a great way to earn some money back that you can potentially put towards your new smartphone. Not only is selling your old smartphone online environmentally sustainable, it gives you additional value when you trade them in for a new one.

    Trade-in prices are based on market estimation only and actual valuations are based on inspection at any of our store location

    Offers given will be based on several factors such as Cosmetic defects – Warranty  – Original Accessories – Original box and etc. Thus please bring down the entire set to our location to obtain an accurate trade in price of your mobile phones or tablets. As for brand new set, do bring along the original receipt for verification. We reserved the right to reject any devices accordingly (example water damaged , non working devices)

    Before any swap or Trade-in can happen, the following are very pertinent;

    • Original Receipt of Purchase (but in the case of missing receipt) you are expected to provide a sworn affidavit as proof of ownership.
    • Valid Identity Card such Drivers license, Voters card, International Passport and National Identity Card
    • Apple ID login details for Apple Devices and Samsung Account Login Details for Samsung Devices (Please note that this remains your confidential information and you will be required to punch them in yourself)

    Contact us through the form.