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How it started

In January 2019 , a website was designed specifically for the Used Phones Market also known as "London Used" with the intention to create an ecosystem of trusted and reliable resellers domiciled in Computer Village Ikeja, Lagos, Nigeria. Our goal is to deliver quality mobile devices to customers across the country.
USEDPHONES NG has grown so fast in visibility with over 2 Million Visits on the website and hundreds of thousands from Google My Business and Facebook. We have restructured the platform to a HUB OF REPUTABLE SELLERS to create healthy price competition and quality service delivery.

The eCommerce ecosystem still faces issues bothering around Consumer Satisfaction and Trust, which does not exempt the Online Gadget market domiciled in Ikeja, computer village, Lagos. Over the past 3 years we have been able to interact and transact with trusted businesses that share in our passion to put CUSTOMER FIRST.

There are still lots of trusted sellers in Computer Village.

Meet Our Trusted Sellers
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