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Price List of London UK Used Iphone in Ikeja Computer Village.



Price of used iphone in Ikeja Lagos

Prices are subject to review and Negotiation. Chat a Seller today.

Factory unlocked
Used phones update……..
13pro 128gb 590k
13pro 256gb 610k
13pro 512gb 625k
13promax 1tb 710k.
13promax 512gb 700k A’s
13promax 512gb 690k B’s
13promax 256gb 680k A’s
13promax 256gb 670k B’s
13promax 128gb 665k A’s
13promax 128gb 650k B’s.
13pro 512gb 615k A’s
i13 128gb 470k A’s
i13 128gb 450k B’s
i13 mini 128gb 400k.
12promax 512gb 530k A+++
12promax 512gb 520k A’s
12promax 512gb 510k B’s
12promax 512gb 500k C’s
12promax 256gb 525k A+++
12promax 256gb 515k A’s
12promax 256gb 500k B’s
12promax 128gb 480k A’s 12promax 128gb 470k B’S
12promax 128gb 460k C’S
12promax 128gb 440k D’S
12pro 512gb 420k to 440k all budgets & colors available.
12pro 256gb 400k to 430k all budgets & colors available.
12pro 128gb 420k A++++
12pro 128gb 410k A’s
12pro 128gb 400k B’s.
12pro 128gb 390k C’s
i12 64gb 310k A stocks, B’s 290k. C stocks 265k. i12 128gb 320k to 340k all budgets available.
i12 256gb 330k to 360k all budgets & colors available.
12mini 256gb 280k A’s
12 mini 128gb 265k A’s
12mini 64gb 245k A’s
11pro 64gb 290k A’s
All colors. 5pcs (bulk) all colors 285k A’s
11pro 290k A’s, B’s 280k, C stocks 275k.
11pro 256gb 310k to 325k abc stocks available.
11pro 512gb 310k to 330k.
11promax 512gb 380k to 390k all budgets available
11promax 256gb 375k all colors A’s, B’s 370k, C’s 360k.
11promax 64gb 310k to 345k all budgets available in all colors.
11promax 64gb 345k A’s, 5pcs (bulk) 340k
11promax 64gb 335k B’s
11promax 64gb 330k C’s.
11 256gb 275k A’s 93% bh
11 256gb 270k A’s 87% bh.
11 128gb 255k A’s 85% to 100% B/H.
i11 128gb 250k A’s 82% to 84% B/H
i11 128gb 245k B/H 81% down A’s
i11 128gb 230k to 255k all budgets available.
i11 64gb 210k to 230k all budgets available in all colors
i11 64gb 220k A’s blacks
i11 64gb 230k A’s other colors
i11 64gb 215k A’s all colors (bulk) 10pcs
i11 64gb 215k B’s
i11 64gb 210k C’s
Xmas 64gb 220k A’s all colors.
Xmas 64gb 215k B’s
Xmas 270k 256gb A’s silver&gold
Xmas 256gb 265k Grey’s A’s
Xmas 512gb 280k A’s
Xmas 512gb 275k B’s all colors
Xs 64gb 165k gold A’s.
Xs 64gb 160k A’s other colors, (bulk) A’s 10pcs 155k
Xs 155k B’s all colors
Xs 256gb 190k A’s
Xs 256gb 185k B’s
Xr 256gb 195k A’s,
Xr 128gb 185k 128gb A’s, B’s 180k.
Xr 64gb 164k A’s 10pcs (bulk) all colors mixed.
Xr 64gb 164k A’s blacks
Xr 64gb 165k A’s other colors.
Xr 64gb 160k B’s. C’s 155k. X 64gb 150k A’s. B’S 145k, C’s 140k.
X 256gb 165k A’s
X 256gb 160k B’s
i8+ 256gb 150k A’s all colors
i8+ 256gb 145k B’s all col
i8+ 256gb 140k C’s all col
i8+ 64gb 110k A’s, B’S 105k
SE 2 64gb 100k
SE 2 128gb 120k
SE 2 256gb 135k
i8 85k gold and silver 64gb A’s, 80k blacks A’s
i8. 70k (bulk) 10pcs A’s
i8. 75k B’s
i7 32gb 65k.
i7+ 32gb 87k.


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