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The Truth About refurbished Phones in Nigeria


There is a big question that begs for an answer when it comes to purchasing a smartphone in Nigeria, especially when it comes to Used Phones from brands like iPhone, Samsung etc.

The concern that often envelopes the minds of buyers is whether or not they would get an original phone instead of what is popularly called “Refurbished Phones” which is the essence of this short article, BUT LET ME SAY HERE THAT THIS ARTICLE IS IN NO WAY ENDORSING THE PURCHASE OF REFURBISHED PHONES and USEDPHONES.COM.NG DOES NOT SELL REFURBISHED PHONES.

That Said…
In Nigeria, we refer to Foreign Pre-owned Phones as London Used Phones or UK used, or some tag it by the name of the country that it was shipped from, sometimes they say it is America, Dubai, Korea etc but you dare not say it is China Used Phone or purchased from China because of the public knowledge behind China Sub standard phones.

Mobile Phones Buyers prefer to buy them maybe because it makes high-end phones a lot more affordable. The Usedphones market is very large and I dare say the purchase ratio to new phones in an open market is 5:1

Let me be real with you, Most of the phones sold in various market as Used Phones are mostly shipped from China, Europe, America but does that make them FAKE? or of less quality?
 NO! It does not, you just need to understand the differences based on Categorization and Specifications, as they also vary in versions depending on the manufacturing company of the phone brand or the Telecoms brands the device is locked on, for example, Samsung Phones come from Vietnam, China, India, South-Korea or Telecoms like Verizon, AT&T, Spring and T-Mobile.

So, the major comparison here is Refurbished phones versus London Used Phones. Let me put this succinctly, that Refurbished Phones according to what the public call it is not the real meaning of Refurbished as the Foreign businesses that sell this phones to Nigeria Businesses define it, but we tend to categorize sub-standard phones as refurbished.

What is a Refurbished Phone?

REFURBISHED Phones are used phones that have gone through the process of parts replacement and thorough testing to ensure that the new user has a refreshed experience. For example, if there is a cracked screen or a bad mouth piece, these parts will be replaced which then makes it refurbished.
Looking at a refurbished phone most likely will look almost new because the cover-case may have been changed, sometimes the screen and suddenly the phone begins to make a ” Used Phone ” look like brand new. One of the concern raised about refurbished phones is the quality of parts that may have been used during the replacement and the possibilities of it lasting long.

DIRECT London/UK Used Phones are non-touched pre-owned phones that has been tested and categorized into grades depending on neatness and physical condition of the phones. Please note that USEDPHONES.COM.NG sells Grade A Direct Used Phones.

COPY or CLONED Phones.

The Chinese mobile phone market is filled with all sorts of phones, from the popular iPhone to HTC to Huawei and other locally branded phones that are not popular here in Africa. The technology and specifications of these phones are mostly similar but the components used in achieving this technology products vary in Grades and so some of the companies manufacture some models of phones and then labelled it those brands and of-course load it with operating systems OS  like an Android which is Open-Source but the firmware on this phones are different and may not be able to receive updates from the phone company.

For customers trying to buy a phone that is pre-owned, you owe yourself a duty to research on the differences between the original version and the Fake of any phone you want to purchase, you must ask questions and never be in a haste to make a decision. Find a reputable store that deals in the kind of phone you want to buy and ensure that you test the phone very well before making payment.

In conclusion, we realized that customers already have this mindsets that every phone dealer have tendencies of being shady and that is why we have taken it upon ourselves to educated the masses on some of these things and on this note we say thank you for taking your time to read.

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