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Why you should buy iPhone 7 Plus.

This can be my own opinion but i believe Apple iPhone 7 Plus is the Best iPhone in the Mid-High-End Category in the iPhone Series from iPhone 6 to iPhone 11.

Comparing iPhone 7 Plus with iPhone 8 Plus and iPhone X on www.gsmarena.com suggest to me that it is worth buying because it is affordable compared to higher ones and still stands on par with them in terms of Specifications.

Let us check some few similarities and differences;

  • The Dimension, Size, Resolution, pretty much the BODY & DISPLAY are the Same.
  • Main and Selfie Camera for Images and Video are also the same.
  • Fingerprint and Touch ID features work amazingly well.
  • As much as 7 plus does not have 64GB, 8 Plus too does not have 128GB so that balances it.
  • They both have the same RAM size of 3GB but 8 plus (6-cores) has more processor speed (CPU) than 7 plus (4-cores), but interestingly it is the other way around in Graphics (GPU), were 7 Plus takes 6-cores while 8 Plus takes 4-cores.
  • On the battery and Charging, the iPhone 7 Plus has a higher battery capacity than iPhone 8, 8 Plus, though 8 Plus has a fast and wireless charging features.
  • iPhone 7 Plus 32GB 128GB
  •  iPhone 8 Plus 64GB 256GB

The difference in cost can be used to get an AIRPOD which makes pocket sense.

London used iPhone 7 Plus

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